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Phenomenal Service!

March 29, 2024

He helped me build a website for my work, and it came out wonderful! There was a lot of attention to detail and it really shows! Highly reccommend coming to Ethan for your needs!

Jack Sheehan

Custom built gaming PC for great value.

March 3, 2024

I got a great deal on a custom built gaming PC and he even recommended affordable Wi-Fi routers so my gaming experience was smoother than ever (I even ranked up in all my FPS games). He also took into account what I would be using it for so I wouldn’t be paying for unnecessary specs. Overall great product and experience.

Demetri Grevelis

Built me a custom computer for only $400

February 24, 2024

I wanted a gaming computer mostly to play minecraft and take care of my online work while at home. I specifically wanted a cheaper build that would also have some cool lights and run quickly. Ethan built me a very solid PC with the cool lights I wanted and a very pretty see-though case. He told about each piece of hardware he used, what is does, etc. (not like I understand that stuff), but I really appreciated him taking the time to inform me of everything anyways. He installed everything, explained how to take care of it, and told me to call him if I ever had any problems. I’ve had it for about three years now and it runs very well, very fast, just minor problems every so often that he has been happy to fix for me. He also recommended me a laptop for school around the same time and it is the best laptop I have ever owned (Rog Zephyrus G14 I think). Very friendly service, and you can tell he is very passionate about the technology he helps people with 🙂

Kelsey Jenkins