Mesh Networking


  • The Mazerolle Family

  • December 2023

In December of 2023, my family asked me to upgrade our WiFi system -  We had been using the default router/modem combo unit (running WiFi 5). The speeds were decent, however the range was awful. This was a huge problem for my families camera system and the garage, where connections were slow and would constantly drop.

So, I did some research - I compared pros and cons of the many different mesh network systems offered (Google Mesh, Amazon Eero, Netgear Orbi, TPLink Deco, etc). I wanted to find the best bang for my buck, while still being reliable, consistent, fast, and have good range. I found that TPLink offered amazing deals on their Deco units. They have many different models at different price ranges for different use cases/scenarios. I found that the Deco X55 was perfect for my family's use case. It comes with 3 units, supports WiFi 6, and is up to 6800 square feet of range all for $180.00 USD.

I set up this mesh network using the Deco App by TPLink. The first unit routes through the modem and is considered the main unit. The main unit and second unit went on opposite ends of the house, and the third unit went in the garage. I extensively tested connections between the units, as stability was number one priority for the camera system. Speeds in the garage increased from 10mbps down --> 200mbps down and 4mbps up --> 40mbps up. That's about 2000% increase in speeds!

I also set up a separate guest network to keep the main home network secure.

Overall my family was very grateful and happy with the results. The camera's haven't had any downtime in months and technology works all throughout the house, the garage, and even the yard.